Leonard J. Romero

Firearms & Ballistics Expert

• Forensic firearms examiner for 23 years and a criminalist for 26 years, in which he worked for ASCLD accredited laboratories in the Los Angeles Police Department and Bexar County Criminal Investigations Bureau.

• Qualified as an expert in California Superior Court in the areas of firearms identification, serology, and crime scene processing.

• Member of the Los Angeles County Superior Court Expert Witness Panel in the area of ballistics.

• Qualified as an expert in firearms identification in Texas.

• Responsible for the creation and development of a forensic firearms program for the Oxnard Police Department (Oxnard, CA).

• Formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in microbiology from California State University Los Angeles.

• Additional training includes courses and workshops at the ATF National Lab Center, FBI Academy, California Criminalistics Institute, and McCrone Research Institute, among others.

• Instructed new and seasoned detectives in the collection and preservation of physical evidence at crime scenes as an Assistant Instructor with the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation.

• Credentialed instructor with the State of California in the area of Career Technical Education and taught adult and high school students in the areas of administration of justice and forensic science.

• Member of the Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners and National Rifle Association.


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Leonard J. Romero

Firearms & Ballistics Expert



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