Leonard J. Romero

Firearms & Ballistics Expert

Leonard J. Romero is an independent firearms examiner and ballistics expert providing investigation services and expert witness testimony to the courts, police departments, private investigators, and plaintiff and defense attorneys in both civil and criminal matters.  See more about Leonard J. Romero



Experience includes:


• Forensic firearm analysis

• Ballistics

• Shooting crime scene reconstruction

• Officer involved shooting reconstruction

• Crime scene investigation processing

• Collection, preservation and analysis of physical evidence at crime scenes

• Bullet path analysis / bullet trajectory analysis

• Gunshot residue distance determination / muzzle to target distance determination

• Firearm functionality and safety

• Firearm identification

• Firearm alteration analysis

• Analysis of fired cartridge cases and fired bullets to identify specific firearm

• Serial number restoration

• Assault weapon determination (California Penal Code 12276)

• Photo documenting shooting crime scenes

• Photo documenting physical evidence


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